The Guernsey Accountants.
Services include payroll, secretarial, statutory, Guernsey income tax, bookkeeping and accounts.
Guernsey companies.


Below is a list of some of the primary accountancy plus associated services which The Guernsey Accountants offer our clients.


As well as the preparation of year-end financial statements and ICAEW sign off as a Chartered Accountancy practice, we also assist with the following to help make business management effective:

•  Management accounts
•  Cash flow schedules
•  Budgets
•  Other financial reports
•  Bookkeeping

We prepare accounts from available records where no formal bookkeeping is available for medium sized and small businesses, sole traders and individuals.

There is no legal requirement in Guernsey to have a formal audit of your firm's annual financial statements. If the owners of the business agree to waive the right to an audit then the additional expense is no longer necessary.

Guernsey Income Tax

The Guernsey Accountants will prepare and submit year-end tax computations for Guernsey companies, sole traders and individuals with a range of trading, investment and rental income.

We also represent and support businesses and individuals at tax appeals and investigations with the Guernsey Income Tax Authority.


The Guernsey Accountants manage the monthly or weekly maintenance of payroll, pay details and submission of quarterly Guernsey Income Tax and Social Security returns.

This can often include correspondence with the Housing Authority and other States departments.

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